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 A Beast
Some months ago an English journalist went to Tanzania and gratuitously killed a baboon, for no other reason than satisfying his morbid curiosity. This is Steven Berkoff's response.
 Train Murder
A memorial to student Tom Grant who was killed on a train in 2006 as he came
to the aid of a stranger.


A celebration of the Wimbledon final in 2009 between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.


 Big Game Fishing
An indictment of those who boast of ending the lives of beautiful creatures.
A Memorial to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on the Sixtieth Anniversary, April 19th, 1943.
 For Her Without a Nose
When this picture was published in Time Magazine of a woman, mutilated by her boyfriend, the shock was so great that almost no words could describe it. This poem is a modest attempt.

Copyright 2010 Steven Berkoff


more unpublished writing coming


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