and the adaptations

Metamorphosis (1969) is Kafka's fable of a man who wakes up turned into a large insect: "the story shook me when I read it and it has clung to me as has most of Kafka's work.  I identified strongly with his dream-like stories and his acute perception of detail, detail that is not ordinary and programmed, the detail of life below the frustrations".

The Trial (1970) repeated the critical and commercial success of Metamorphosis, and both are fringe favourites.

The other adaptations are a third Kafka, In the Penal Colony (1969), Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher (1974) and The Tell-Tale Heart, and the classical Greek plays Agamemnon (1973) and Oedipus (2008).

The Trial and The Tell-Tale Heart are available on video.  Meditations on Metamorphosis was published as production journal by Berkoff.



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