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East is "a play of boundless vitality.  A piece of roller-coasting invention... Its two central characters are a couple of razor-happy randy tearaways of almost total moral repellence and absolute physical charm... Berkoff razzle-dazzles their lifestyle in a tumult of imagery; the language flashes from Shakespearean parody to the shatteringly profane... Restores one's faith and fills the cup of expectation to overflowing".  Daily Mail.

The verse plays East (1975), Greek (1980) and West (1983) share the same atmosphere of poetic violence and excitement.

Decadence (1981) saw the form expanded as a further level of sophistication entered.

Other plays in verse are Sink the Belgrano! (1986) an attack on the Falklands war, Massage (1997), Sturm und Drang and the recent The Secret Love Life of Ophelia (2001).

East is available on video.

East, the motorbike scene


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