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Steven Berkoff Harvey

Berkoff's investigation into the psyche of  'The Beast' goes where no one else dares - inside the head of the disgraced Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

"Throughout you get the feeling that Mr. Berkoff would do anything onstage to keep your attention, and that he could too.  And that's the Berkoffian theme.  An actor does what he must because he must". New York Times

"He thinks for us. He opens his veins and his soul.  He is a theatrical force unlike any other". British Theatre Guide.

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 Shakespeare Heroes and Villains

Now available on DVD for the first time
, Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains is a journey through Shakespeare’s most notorious characters with Steven Berkoff as your informed and entertaining tour guide. From the ‘genius’ villain that is Richard III to the ‘wannabe’ villain Macbeth, to the ‘student’ villain Hamlet, Berkoff portrays each of these and then goes on to analyse and discuss their motivation and what influences their decisions.

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Sod the bitches!

Berkoff's first novel, Sod the bitches!

“In this way I was able to come home, to smile, to be relieved and even happy … until the bitter, incessant nag in the groin came again, and I lay there in torment next to a body I couldn’t begin to touch, couldn’t begin to go near. And we both lay there under the thundering darkness waiting for sleep, waiting to be carried to another domain where the sirens and the nymphs touch and caress you in sweet dreams.”

John is an actor. He is a man. A man who wants. A man who needs. A man who takes. And he takes from those who always expect him to give. To give them love, loyalty, affection – to give them his soul, his loyalty, his life. Why can’t they just let him thrive? Why can’t they understand the desires and passions that drive him? Why is he a man alone? John has crossed the line from performance to reality, from stage to street, from imagination to visceral breath – and he needs to wrest control before all is lost.

Challenging themes that haunt the Berkoff canon are ever-present in this startling novel: his luxurious verbosity; his counterpoint of crude street patter and elegiac proclamation; sex wars; class wars; dislocation and abandonment of love in a thankless and unyielding world. This is a powerful, divisive and brutally honest novel that will inspire, enrage and provoke – and live on long after the final word."

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Bad Guy!

Bad Guy!
Journal of a Hollywood Turkey

Bad Guy! is actor Steven Berkoff’s record of his time working on a Hollywood blockbuster.

The project promised to be a fascinating co-operative venture, with the director keen to stretch the actors and use their skills to improve a typically unimaginative and predictable script. Contracts were signed, flights were booked. Yet once filming began and the Hollywood machine kicked into gear, all deviations from the utterly banal were quashed. Input or personality was no longer required, instead the only response necessary was vacuous pandering to the whims of the purse-holders. This rollercoaster account of the frustrations created by mindless shackles on creativity shows the bright lights of Hollywood on a dimmer setting. 

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Berkoff's final and most stunning production of Kafka's Metamorphosis in Japanese, with English subtitles.

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Steven Berkoff was asked to direct Shakespeare’s Richard II in New York in early 1994. It was a project he found fascinating: performing an Elizabethan play within the scrapers of Manhattan and the still rotting slums of the Lower East Side; between the steaming breath oozing out from the cracked pipes and the brutality of modern New York speak. New York became the backdrop and the energy centre which charged him each day and fed his inspiration.

This morning I have joy to report - so let the trumpets sound and the canons roar! Last night at the Anspacher Auditorium of the Joseph Papp Public Theater, there opened a production of The Tragedy of Richard II which can hold its own with the world’s best in Shakespearean stagings.

The Tragedy of Richard II now being given an exceptionally stylish production by Steven Berkoff. Mr Berkoff’s production, which, among many virtues, is so well and clearly spoken and so clean of dramatic line that it’s accessible from start to finish...

They’ll be talking about this Richard II for years.

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Berkoff Religion and Anarchy

Steven Berkoff’s last production, ‘Religion and Anarchy’ was at The Jermyn Street Theatre in London until the 26th October 2013.

The world premiere of 5 visceral one-act plays by Steven Berkoff, the legendary maverick of British theatre, who co-directed with Jermyn Street Theatre Associate Director Max Barton.

The plays 'Guilt', 'Roast', 'Line-Up', 'How to Train an Anti-Semite' and 'Gas' centre around the theme of the latent anti-Semitism still prevailing within Britain.

A prejudice that, despite the cataclysmic events of the twentieth-century, refuses to go away and continues to infuse the very heart of the society in which we live.

Michael Coveney,, ***

‘Four yellow stars at least for Steven Berkoff. There's no one like him in our theatre'

‘quirky, visceral, impassioned Cockney Jewish playwriting’

‘a catalogue of Anti-Semitism, a litany of noshing highlights, from chicken soup to latkes and borscht, and a couple of holocaust sketches’

‘Clive Mendus and Gillian Wright (she's best known for playing Jean Slater in EastEnders) perform this with great energy and brio...and very funny too.'

Daisy Bowie Sell, Time Out, ***

'Steven Berkoff has never been one to shy away from a controversial subject'

‘there’s a distinct Berkoff stamp on the plays: each are performed with surreal, stylised movements’

Matthew Trueman, The Telegraph, ***

' (Berkoff) makes the case quite carefully'

‘Lit from above, all shadow and skin, they look like a Renaissance oil painting, beautiful and damnable’

‘Max Barton, who co-directs with Berkoff himself, provides a restrained, rhythmic production’

Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide

'Steven Berkoff has always seemed an angry and passionate man, never more so than in this collection of five of his short plays which he here directs in partnership with Jermyn Street Theatre's Associate Director Max Barton.'

‘a beautifully balanced production simply mounted against Cherry Truluck's adaptable screens ... haunting use of music and sound (Josh Anio Grigg)’

‘beautifully played by Mendus, Barclay and Lincoln and greatly moving creating an image that stays on the eyeballs’

‘This fine achievement makes an excellent start to Anthony Biggs first full season as Artistic Director at the Jermyn Street Theatre’

Natasha Tripney, The Stage

‘a … rhythmic piece’

‘Berkoff determined to make his audience confront human ugliness past and present’

‘The plays … achieve their aim to hit hard’

Kate Bassett, The Times, **

‘(In Line-Up and Gas) ... we witness Jews in the death camps’ dark hell, marching on the spot or entwined in a slow falling know as they express terror, courage, rage and, movingly, love for each other’ 

Harry Stern, The Public Reviews

‘The actors commit to the texts and do sterling work under the guidance of both Berkoff himself and director Max Barton’

‘Gillian Wright … excels’

Piero McCarthy, Bargain Theatre Land

' ... illustrating the facets of anti-Semitism today with a grave reminder of history'

‘an engrossing blend of surrealism and the grotesque’



 Steven Berkoff East End Photographs

East End Photographs by Steven Berkoff.

Fifty years ago a keen young photographer, Steven Berkoff, captured the East End as it was then, the shops, the streets and particularly the people.  Remarkable for the photography, and remarkable as social history.

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 Steven Berkoff One-Act Plays

19 pieces by Berkoff published for the first time, including Biblical Tales and Six Actors in Search of a Director.

"Themes that haunt most of his work are present: his luxurious verbosity; his counterpoint of crude street patter and elegiac proclamation; sex wars; class wars; dislocation and abandonment of love in a thankless and unyielding world."

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 unpublished work 

The site now includes a number of  unpublished poems.

Some months ago an English journalist went to Tanzania and gratuitously killed a baboon, for no other reason than satisfying his morbid curiosity.  A Beast is Steven Berkoff's response.

Uprising is a Memorial to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on the Sixtieth Anniversary, April 19th, 1943.

The latest poem is For Her Without a Nose.

Click here for these and other poems.

More unpublished work will appear soon.


 films and television One of Steven Berkoff's most recent films is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

He is currently working on a number of films.



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