The Tell-Tale Heart

 "For sheer acting virtuosity wtt else comes dose to it..." Clive Barnes, New York Post

"Berkoff conveys both the growing fear of the old man and the dark excitement of his pursuer using little more than vocal inflections and carefully chosen gestures." Chesley Plemmons, News-Times

"Steven Berkoff may be the only actor around who can make an audience giggle at a dismemberment." Jesse McKinley, The New York Times

"He is all over the stage in various flurries of mime and movement
performers half his age might only try to emulate." Derek Wilson, Cape Argus

"Berkoff is a man of a thousand faces: his expressions change so constantly, instantly, and totally that he could make a chameleon blush
with shame, and his voice is as flexible as his face. He makes great use of the brass and the strings in his voice as he moves up and down the scale, but it's his rhythm section that really sets him apart from other vocally gifted actors; the unique syncopation he brings to his line readings will cause you to hang on his every word." Barbara & Scott Sigel, Theatre Mania

"He looks and sounds like a Henry Irving tearing passion to tatters...' Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard

The video includes an interview with Steven Berkoff.

Video, VHS format (UK etc) or NTSC (North America)
Approx 44 minutes
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