Free Association

'Berkoff's autobiography is a persuasive and ultimately appealing self-portrait of a major artist, which defines this theatrical force-of-nature in human proportions. Above all else, it shows how he has cunningly nursed his anger and frustration at certain aspects of British life, to keep himself fresh as a creative powerhouse... Like Arthur Miller's Timebends, Berkoff's narrative ranges between the decades with ease, mapping the co-ordinates of his rise to fame... A fascinating self-summation. The book amounts to a tacit acknowledgement that had he been more accepted, he would have lost what makes him so important.' Scotsman

'When writing of the gestation of his own key plays and performances anthems for disaffected, angry youth when describing that fusion of mime and choreographed movement, that expressionistic style in the service of texts speaking in tongues ancient and modern, you become freshly aware of how Berkoff at his best has created a novel, personal form of theatre.' Guardian'

'This unskimmably written book offers what Berkoff demands of his plays: "an examination of us in all our warts, wounds and blemishes", all to be seen in the mirror of a mercurial and truth-telling volume.' Mail on Sunday

'Steven Berkoff is British theatre's pre-eminent adulte terrible: actor, writer and director, dynamic and dangerous in equal measure... Berkoff's love of language is heartfelt... what really impresses is his enthusiasm for theatre.' Literary Review

Free Association

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